Become your own boss, Earn 35k with Lyft and an additional 28k as an independent delivery driver.  You can make 65k using only your car and managing your time.

Here are the steps to become your own boss and start your own Transportation Company;


Fill out the form below to buy a new or used vehicle for business use and sign up as an independent delivery driver.  We are not affiliated with the Lyft Driver program and I do not charge your driver account for the vehicle payments.   Lyft normally requests that the vehicle you intend to use is no more than 7 years old.  I have a wide array of available vehicles that can serve multiple purposes from personal to business.  In the transportation industry having a vehicle that can serve two purposes creates the best chance of profitable workloads.


Once you have a qualifying vehicle click the link below to sign up with Lyft and start earning money as a ride share driver.

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Each day you choose to work you can make approximately $200 - $50 (gas) netting $150/per day with Lyft.  Once you have a qualifying vehicle through our purchase program you can earn another $300 - $50 (gas) netting $250/per day as a delivery driver.  Your total profit daily can be moderately estimated at $400/day. This estimate is based on 12 - 16 hours days working for yourself.  Most Entrepreneurs work around the clock.  Making $400/per day is about 70k/year.  A very reasonable salary to work for yourself.

Reference Videos for a Lyft Driver

Reference Videos for a Delivery Driver