Introduction to Working From Home

Initial Plan

Initially I started off building this program to provide my wife with the guidance she needed to build a business for herself because our children were getting older and she wanted to have something to do.  During this time she followed each and every step of this program to the letter and now she has a profitable online business without breaking the bank or working up a sweat.  Since we have been married she has never had to work because I have always been able to provide using my skillset and experience.  Now I taking the exact same model and commercializing it for the benefit of those who want to reap the rewards of working from home and making money online without spending a whole lot of money and time on nothing.   Let me ask you a question?  Has anyone that you have come in contact with that claims to be making hundreds, thousands or millions of dollars online gave you anything?  I didn’t think so because most people are taught that the perception of success is by definition real.  This is absolutely false.  Here are my claims:  Based on my success with making money online I have been able to launch a full blown Safety Training Business that offers classes for FREE to the community.  Vitality Safety Group is the ONLY safety training provider with an open door policy to the community during all class sessions.  I don’t care whether you want to come in and get certified or just come in to have something to do.  Either is fine by me.  My wife has never had to work.  I have known my wife for almost 20 years and she has never had to report to an office to for any reason.  She has had the luxury of being at home to care for our children during our entire marriage.  I make no claims to be a millionaire or make hundreds of thousands of dollars, I do make enough money online to sustain my lifestyle and livelihood.  The most important aspect of my life is my family and as long as they are doing well I feel successful.  No matter whether you want to be wealthy or just comfortable everybody has a different opinion on success and mine is simple.  I have social media profiles and everyday we gain more customers and build more profits.  This is my proof that this system works at a minimal cost.  Now that the business is on autopilot, the overhead is low, and we can enjoy being business partners and parents.  So now that I know the program works I’m offering the program to those who believe in the long game.  If you want to make money overnight, this is not for you, but if you want to build a business to outlive you, this is exactly what you need.


Hello, my name is Lawrence and I am happy to say that I have a successfully built an online business that can be duplicated and repeated.  I use the word business and not businesses in the singular form because everything that you build essentially converts your potential customers into transactions for a single purpose; To Make Money.  Everyone wants to make money online, but noone wants to understand the steps required to develop an online business.  I have taken the time out of my busy schedule to learn how to make money online to teach you how to make money without wasting countless hours using pre-paid services and programs that essential do not work.  A business is designed to be sustainable with growth over time.  There is no formula, program, pre-paid service, coach or other opportunity that will make you a ton of money over night.  For an online business to grow it must have the necessary tools, content and audience to promote growth and increased revenue.  Over the past 10 years I have tested and tried, paid and lost thousands of dollars to find the correct way to make money online.  Every system I have tried, and every turn-key e-commerce business is missing one simple step: HELPING YOU UNDERSTAND EXACTLY HOW YOU ARE MAKING MONEY SO YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE, PERSONALIZE, AND REPEAT.  When you understand the steps to building your business you will be able to develop more creative and unique ways to explore profits from sales.

Quick Question

Let me ask you a quick question.  Out of all of the people or businesses you have come in contact with that claim to be able to teach you how to make money online, how many of them actually showed how to convert their sales process into something else apply it else where.  Have you received anything from them other than an invoice?  What about a gift?  Have you even received a gift?  I tell you what I might not be making the most money online, but I can at least send you a gift.  Once you get halfway done with my program I will send you a tangible gift to you can put your hands on.  You can thank my wife’s successful online business that was built using the steps in this program.  This is not a promise to become rich and wealthy overnight.  This is a promise to show you how to make as much money as you want online over time.

I have built a fail-proof 24 step system to developing an online business model that can be replicated with any industry and any product anywhere.  Once you understand how to start, you understand how you end up with profits. This is step one:  Understanding:  Developing content and initiating the conversation.  In total there are 24 steps required to develop and manage an online business, sustain the business, and put it on autopilot.  Then you can repeat over and over again until you are making as much money as you want to.  I’m not going to waste your time with the explanations and we can just dive right into it.

Reading Material

An article written by the Content Marketing Institute helps to understand that content is the single most important tool required to make money online.  By having great content you satisfy Search Engines and Maintain customer loyalty and attention.  Why do I want to satisfy search engines and maintain customer loyalty and attention?  You will be able to answer this question for yourself once you have completed this program and start making money in your sleep.  How do I gain great content you ask?  The only way to have great content is to write great content; So in a nutshull you have 2 options you can either write hundreds of articles, blogs and webpages personally to provide you with the content you need or pay someone else to write the content for you.  To be absolutely honest, by having access to internet you have the ability to use other people’s content without infringing on their copyrights or sending them all of your business because you are using their content and search engines know that so they will scour through your content and match your content to someone else’s webpage.  This is a total waste of time and accomplishes nothing.  This way you spend more time editing than moving on to the next step.

Personally I don’t enjoy spending all my waking hours writing and typing and editing and publishing to have the type of content I want, so I used a resource called Article Masters and it saved me hundreds of hours of work and thousands of dollars of labor for great quality content.  The content can be modified and provides extensive coverage of all industries, most products and handful of social media platforms.  Social Media is covered in Step 19 towards the end of business plan.

So Are you ready to make money? (yes you will make thousands of dollars that you didn’t have to scam or scheme someone out of like a pyramid or ponzie)

Step 1 to Financial Freedom

Step 1:

Write a Business Plan – Even an online business needs a business plan.  It is absolutely impossible to know where you are going and how you are going to get there if you don’t have a business plan.

Set Goals – Ever entrepreneur started off with great ideas and somehow turned all those ideas into tangible products and services to make money.  Setting goals gives you a general guideline to stay focused on.   Having goals is like putting pin cushion in every chair you sit in and daring yourself to sit down.  You have to stand for something or you will fall for anything.

Develop and Review Content – Having extensive and comprehensive content makes defining your niche and reaching your target audiences (which we will talk about in later steps) easy as waking up in the morning.  Content maintains your customer’s attention and provides them with enough information for them to feel comfortable with your product or service.  The easiest way I found to obtain high quality content is through a company called Article Masters that provides enough content for you to use for a lifetime.  You can get the content you need here for less than $5.  Other companies and services want hundreds of dollars or a membership for all these kinds of content.

Once you have checked off Step 1 you are ready for step 2.  I guess you are wondering where is step 2, how do I see what I am supposed to do next.  Before you can proceed to the next steps you must understand that there is a commitment to succeed that must exist before I will provide you with my essential steps.  I have spent many thousands of hours and countless days to find the perfect and least expensive way to make all the money I want to make on the internet.  When you are ready, I’ll be ready, however, there are hounds on the internet looking for information and content to steal and pass on as their own.  I have developed this plan piece by piece and it works step by step.  Please feel free to email me at for more instructions or if you have any questions.  There is also a contact form at the bottom of every page so I can assist you along your journey.  If you can’t figure it our, message me.

If you choose to not to follow my plan I wish you the best of luck and God Bless all of your endeavors.  I am also available at my email address above and form below.

All of the programs and material below work as expected when you follow the steps provided.  These are the more advanced stages of marketing and customer retention.  Feel free to read through them or if you are already advanced you can take advantage of them at your leisure.

After each Step you will find a contact form where you will be able to message me and ask any questions you may have or concerns about the program.  I anticipate as we dig deeper in the intricate details about making money online you will utilize this form more often.  From the very begging of this program in order to move on to the next step you will need to message me so we can have a brief discussion to ensure that your proficiency aligns with your goals.  I will ask very difficult questions that you should be able to answer after completing each step.  If you don't know the answers then I will work with you to ensure you have the resources to understand and the means to be successful.  Congratulations on completing Step 1

Click Here Proceed to Step 2

There is a password required to proceed to Step 2 so unless I have already provided you the password, you may need to use the contact form.

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